Sunday, 24 February 2013

SAP SD Functions Keynote

You can crack most of the stuff in SAP SD Certification exam if you remember SAP SD functions very smartly. In this blog I have listed few functions and where they are affected in any SAP SD documents. 

Billing Block:
Sales document header
Sales document item
Delivery document header
Delivery document item

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Tips: Getting Ready for SAP SD Certification - Last Days Preparation

Here I am posting very important keynotes for SAP SD aspirants, which are needed to be follow religiously; following are very important points to build ground rules of preparations last few days of exam. Many of SAP SD aspirants who has purchased Premium set of SAP SD sample certification questions, this post is very useful for them because some of them are going to appear in exam at end of this month.
  • Always keep in mind that certification exam is to check your knowledge on what is possible and what is not possible in SAP SD process, they never ask about configuration and steps involved in it for that Go through the screens, transaction level screens like sales order, delivery, billing, delivery list, billing due list, even standard reports etc

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Tips: How to prepare for SAP SD Exam

In this blog I will try to represent the overall picture of SAP SD certification exam as simple as possible. As you know the weight of each of the topic as given here

How to Prepare for SAP SD Certification?

  • First you need to remember the determination rules in SAP SD process like shipping point determination, route determination etc.
  • Note down the all possible functions of each document like function of sales order, outbound delivery, billing documents, etc.

SAP SD Certification Question

At this page, you can find SAP SD Certification Sample Questions Set that you can access and practice. These questions are more related to clear your concept on topics. However, it can make you ready to expand your relative knowledge. Listed all sample certification questions are not enough to get confidence, they do not serve you as real time SAP SD Certification Exam.

However, if you are serious about successful passing of SAP Certification Exam, we strongly encourage you to make use of our premium SAP SD Questions Bank with 100% money back guarantee

Determination Rule in SAP SD

#Determination ObjectRules for determination
1Sales documentSales Area
+ Document Type
2Item category determination for Sales documentDocument type
+ Item category Group
+ Usage
+ High level Item Category 
3Schedule line category determinationItem category of the corresponding item
+ MRP type of the Material 
4Delivery document determinationDelivery document default type attached to  Sales document type
5Item category determination for Delivery documentCopy form Sales document
Delivery Document type
+ Item category Group
+ Usage
+ High level Item Category