Sunday, 16 March 2014

Forward and Backwad Shipment Scheduling Process in SAP SD

Shipment Scheduling in Delivery Process:

In shipment and transportation scheduling, you define the time at which the receipt of the goods at the customer can be acknowledged (confirmed delivery date). Different lead times are taken into account: the preparation time, loading time, transportation lead time, and transit time.

c-tscm62-66, c-tscm62-65, c-tscm62-64

The following data is used in shipment scheduling:

  • Order date: date on which the order is placed • Material availability date: date by which a sufficient quantity of goods must be available for picking and packing 
  • Loading date: date on which the goods picking and packing process is completed (and the mode of transport is available) so that loading can begin on time 
  • Goods issue date: the date on which the goods must leave the delivering plant so that they reach the customer on the agreed date 
  • Delivery date: date on which the goods arrive at the customer. A differentiation is made between: 
    • Requested delivery date: date on which the customer would like the goods to arrive 
    • Confirmed delivery date: date on which the goods receipt is confirmed for the customer