Monday, 21 April 2014

SAP SD Condition Technique in Pricing

As a SAP SD consultant, you need to implement the SAP system which must meet organization product pricing strategies based on many requirements. With this blog you will learn the basic foundation on pricing configuration options to build the solution for your organization. In SAP pricing, conditions are built to meet requirement of many pricing factors like basic price, surcharges, freight, discounts and taxes. These pricing factors must be determined spontaneously for healthy business transactions.

Master Data for Conditions:

Master data for conditions is kept in condition records. The stages at which pricing is most usually carried out have been predefined and shipped in the standard version.

Generally, conditions can be well-defined at any key level. Thus, you can add extra key levels if necessary. A typical field catalog comprising the fields normally used in pricing is provided within Customizing for this purpose. You can add any additional fields to the field catalog release-independently.

- Price List
- Material Price
- Customer Specific
- Other
- Customer
- Material
- Material Pricing Group
- Customer/Material Pricing Group
- Customer/Material
- Price group / material pricing group
- Other
- Incoterms, part 1
- Incoterms, part 1+2
- Other
- Departure Country/Destination Country
- Domestic
- Export
- Other