Sunday, 31 January 2016

SAP SD Sample Certification Questions - Set 1

Here I am posting sample SAP SD certification questions, If you are able to crack these question then you have very clear concept of SAP SD process

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1. Which of the following statements about organizational structure are correct?
  1.     A sales organization sell goods only from plants assigned to the same company code
  2.     It is mandatory for the sales organization to be assigned to a plant if we intend to sell items produced in that plant
  3.     A plant is assigned to a sales organization and division
  4.     A sales organization is assigned to only one company code
  5.     A shipping point can be shared by more than one plant irregardless of company code.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

How to Create Partner Function in SAP SD

What is Partner Function?

Partner   function is two-character identification key that describes the people and organization with whom you do the business, and who are therefore involved in transaction. Here is some standard Partner Function for customer-
  1. Sold-to party
  2. Ship-to party
  3. Bill-to party
  4. Payer
Partner Determination:
The Partner and business partner term in SAP SD refers to parties with whom you do business. Each business partner has specific role. E.g. Sold-to party - Business Partner who order the goods / Services. The Partner Determination can be done in three steps-

  1. Define Partner Function
  2. Create Partner Determination procedure by grouping Partner function.
  3. Assign the partner determination procedure to respective partner object.

Step 1 - Define Partner Function: 

  1. Enter T-Code VOPAN in Command Bar.
  2. Select Customer Master Partner Object
  3. Click on Change Button, Partner Determination Procedure Screen appear.